Songsculptor is your Musical Ghostwriter

If you're a lyricist only in need of musical composition for your lyric then please read the rest of this webpage

Under a Work For Hire agreement  I will compose music to YOUR lyrics and Produce and Record a Professional Demo of your song

and YOU own the song 100 percent   Your song's copyright © will read    SONG TITLE Words and Music by YOUR NAME © copyright 2021 YOUR NAME

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Have you heard the term Ghost Writer?  This is someone who is normally associated with the world of books and helps an author (who is not an expert in writing) to write a book. This is what I do in songwriting. I help lyricists who know little or nothing about music turn their words into a commercially viable finished song.  Songsculptor's "Work For Hire" Service

What is "Work For Hire" ? 

Work For Hire is exactly what the name implies. You hire Songsculptor to compose an original melody and chord progression to your lyric(s), and then record your song for you, and you pay a flat fee for doing so. The finished song (Words AND Music) and "Song Production" then belongs to YOU > You own the resulting song (words and music) 100 Percent  - no splits, no cuts. This is the technical meaning of the term "Work For Hire" (WFH) as defined by the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office.

for those who ask > WHY do I sell my musical compositions on a Work For Hire basis?

I have found over the years that there is a large number of people that prefer to work on a Work For Hire basis where they own 100 percent of the copyright. I also hold copyrights on over 3000 songs in my personal song catalog, many of which continue to be a recurring source of royalty income. So now at this point in my career I prefer to compose and record songs for other aspiring writers who may need some musical expertise from someone like myself. Composing and recording is what I love to do, and if I can help someone else by doing that I consider myself truly blessed.   It's as simple as that. So if this type of arrangement is for you please read on.

Work For Hire is for those of you who would prefer to own 100 percent rights to your song, (Words AND Music). 

In Summary >  you hire me to compose the music to your lyrics and record a Professional Demo for you.  With "WORK FOR HIRE" the finished song (Words AND Music), and the "Song Production" belongs to YOU  

- no splits - no cuts -  You own the resulting song (words and music) and the Song Production) 100 Percent  

How It Works     PLEASE NOTE: Songsculptor melodys are 100 Percent Guaranteed to be exclusively, totally and absolutely ORIGINAL.               

 E-mail me your lyric  in Plain Text in the body of the e-mail or as a Word Doc attachment to and I will compose a Unique and Innovative Original musical composition to the Original lyric that you provide.

I will then provide you (by e-mail) an Midi/MP3 file of a Simple Instrumental Arrangement of your song's melody for you to listen to and approve.

Once you've approved the melody for your song I will then ask you for payment.  I will then start the actual recording and production process.ASAP.

My turnaround times are usually between one and two weeks.

What You Receive

Packages 1 and 2: Lead Vocal with FULL Band accompaniment:

Your Song Package will include a Professional Full Band/Vocal Production of your song with 2 separate mixes.

 Mix 1 > Full Band with Lead Vocal and Background Vocals. Full Band and BG Vocals on package 1 only. See rates below for details

 Mix 2 > BACK-UP TRACKS >  Back-Up Band Tracks only (with vocals removed) Mix 2 can be used to sing live to, or just sing along with karaoke style  The no-vocal version is also useful if you want to overdub a different vocalist and add an entirely new lead vocal track of yourself or any other vocalist that you choose.

Back-Up Tracks can be used to showcase your song at live events using any live vocalist singing along to the Recorded Tracks.  BACK-UP TRACKS are just like Kareoke. Sing along and have a blast.

You will receive Wave and MP3 files that can be played on any Computer with a Sound Card, and also uploaded easily to The Internet.

CD quality WAVE files are what you can burn your own CD's from (should you choose to do that). All modern Computers are equipped with CD burning software.

You will also receive a  Lyric/Chord Sheet complete with lyrics and chord cymbals. These are great to have for Bands and Musicians that wish to learn your song. 


Work For Hire


Song Production Full Band Package includes (Piano, Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Lead Guitars and/or Other Lead Instruments and Strings (if needed) depending on arrangement and Genre. And of course > Lead Vocal and 2 Background Vocals mixed in stereo (The Whole Enchilada). With "WORK FOR HIRE" you own your song's copyright 100 percent and will be entitled to 100 percent of any future songwriter royalties that your song may generate. 

Full Band Package with Male Vocals  Now only $75. U.S.

I sing Male Vocals myself hence the lower cost for Male Vocals. Accomplished Female Vocalists charge me a fair rate for their talents which I pass on to you.  

Full Band Package with Female Vocals  $175. U.S.

Female Vocalists charge me $100. (per song) for their talent which I pass on to you.  

Work For Hire When trying to choose between Male Vocals or Female Vocals keep in mind that a lot of lyricists that I have composed music to their lyrics, and recorded demos for them, have had their songs published, re-recorded and commercially released by other Artists.    Publisher, Producers and Artists when looking for fresh new original songs are listening only to the song. Not who is singing it or how good the demo is. Remember this > The song is EVERYTHING. It's either a good song or it's not. So unless your lyric is written specifically for a Female vocalist the $75. Male Vocal Production will work just fine for you. Send me a GREAT lyric and I will compose an equally GREAT melody/music to it. coSubmit Your Lyrics Herempliment your
lyric. Composing is what I do best. it's what I won an Award for.

 E-mail me your lyric  in Plain Text in the body of the e-mail or as a Word Doc attachment to and I will compose a Unique and Innovative Original musical composition to the Original lyric that you provide. but before you do that please read the Submission Guidelines.

Songsculptor is your Musical Ghostwriter

On a WORK FOR HIRE agreement you will own your song's copyright 100 percent

You will be provided with a WAIVER  that will authenticate, verify and confirm that ( and Richard Melvin Brown) Relinquish, Renounce and Waive all and any rights to YOUR SONG. If you choose to draw up your own Waiver and/or Legal Agreement I will be happy to sign it as well. Your satisfaction and "peace of mind" is of utmost importance.  

Please Note: You are NOT required to submit payment until after your lyrics are received and worked on, and the melody composed to your lyrics have been approved by you. I will send you an Instrumental Midi/MP3 arrangement of your song for you to listen to first.   If approved by you I will then ask you for payment for whatever package you choose. I will then start the actual recording and production process.ASAP.

You really have nothing to lose.  I'm an Award Winning Composer, it's what I do BEST. I'm confident that you will love what I come up with for your lyrics. HOWEVER > if you decide that the melody/music that I have composed to your lyric is not quite what you're looking for,  I will not ask you for a dime, and you will be free to submit your lyric to another music service or composer. 

Please Note: Copyright remains the property of Songsculptor until payment has been made. Once payment is received Copyright be be turned over to YOU  >  100 percent.

e-Mail me your lyric(s) now and I will provide a you with a GREAT Melody/Chord Progression & Arrangement.

YOU will own the copyright.   SONG TITLE  (c) 2021 YOUR NAME 

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